Things are cooling down!

September 10, 2018

It is just very hard for me to believe that summer is nearly over, but all of the signs are there. The days grow shorter, the nights cooler, the flowers are beginning to fade a bit and the garden is nearly ready to be cleaned out.

Along with this, my youth schedule, which has just been bursting at the seams, now is a bit quieter. We can contribute this to the fact that school has begin. Every day, a bit before 8 am and around 3 pm. the street in front of the house is lined with cars as parents haul kids to and from their classrooms. With school in session the times that kids can paint is more restricted which means that those windows here at Brush Stroke Studio will be more in demand. I have more requests for weekend classes but normally don’t schedule more than one, sometimes two of those on Saturdays and Sundays. So, it is imperative that you think ahead and reserve times early.

Since we last visited Ayda Bowman has completed her Joy of Painting Youth Workshop. She came to the studio five different times simply to practice various techniques. Those included painting various types of clouds, putting snow on the mountain, making tappy grass, happy little trees, rocks, a big old oak tree, lakes, streams and waterfalls. There was also a session devoted just to pallet knife work, including making a cabin. On the sixth day, Ayda painted a complete 16 x 20 work of art.

Before the final session, I sent a book of Bob Ross paintings home with Ayda so she could select one for us to do on day six. She could not decide on just one, so designed her own and sent me a sketch as well as a paint color list that we would work with. Oh how this young lady has gained confidence as well as skills these past weeks. If you would like to see a video slide show of her JOP journey to date, you will find it HERE. And here is Ayda with her completed painting!

2018-08-30 Bowman Workshop 038

STUDENT OF THE MONTH for August recognition goes to Roper Haines. Congratulations to you young lady. Roper painted with me twice in August and demonstrated excellent skills.  Here are some photo’s of those classes.

Before I close this, let me mention a Pop-Up-Sale that Wanda and I had here at the house this past weekend. A couple of times a year we haul out the canopy as well as some older paintings, damaged frames, old supplies, etc and put them all on sale. It also gives me a chance to do some demo paintings and meet new potential students.

Most of those who stopped by went home with some real bargains. It was nice to see all of you. I also managed to set up new classes. What I was most aware of at the close of the day was how tired I was. This old body just does not hold up very well any more. Anyway, here are come pictures of our day.

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