February 13, 2018

This past December Todd purchased a “date night” coupon as a Christmas Gift for Andrea. And today the two of them came to the studio for a “date day” I am pretty sure they will attest that day or night, the experience was special for both of them.

I have not had either of them in a class before and am pretty sure it might be their first painting experience. It was a split session class because we had to work it around their children’s school schedule. You might remember that Tyson, their youngest, has been to a couple of previous sessions. And I hope that the oldest (Gracie) will be in a class soon. So, part before lunch and we finished up around 2:00 pm. It was such a fun class. I enjoy watching the interaction between couples. They are supportive and at the same time you can see them comparing their painting to the others. And the truth is, what is easier for one, may not be for the other, and visa-versa.

Because they are going to hang these in the same room, we decided to use a different color scheme for each one.  Let’s have a look at the results. I am betting you will question my statement when I say it is their first painting, but check with them. You will find it to be true.

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