For the Month of January 2019

The first month of this new year presented some problems for me when deciding who should be recognized as the “Student of the Month” . If you go back and look at the classes (and it was a very busy month) you will see lots of nice paintings and if I had to make the decision on just the results it would be even more difficult. But, I take several other things into account. I look at the age of the student, how well they listened to instruction and watched the little things when I was demonstrating. I continue to stress that the real key this technique is learning the correct way to load the brush and then, how the brush touches the canvas. It is not a drawing skill.

So, after reviewing each of the students for this month, I have decided that the student most worthy of this recognition is Adam Hompland. Congratulations young man!

You can see the pictures of all of Adam’s class by clicking this line.

20190103 Adam Hompland 023


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