April 14, 2018

I have a special place in my heart for families that do things together. I am pretty sure that this mother/daughter duo will tell you that they have a special relationship as they obviously play well together. A few days back, you met Catalina Hansen when she painted with her cousin. Today, mom Tara came for her first painting class. We began the session at 1:00 pm and were finished at just before 5:00. In that time period I watched as their skills improved. At the end of the day, they had both completed excellent paintings.

I find that these family painting sessions tend to bring out the best in each other. Whether it is a couples date night, a parent/child session or just two friends sharing time at the easel, they always seem to be a ton of fun.

Lets take a minute to look at the pictures, beginning with the empty canvas and ending with huge smiles of satisfaction.

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