July 10, 2019

Today I had a very accomplished artist in the studio trying her hand at the Bob Ross “wet on wet” style of painting. Lindsey Orrin is a young lady from Lenoir City, TN who is spending the summer exploring some of the western states. She found my studio using Aribnb where she scheduled this class.

This was a warm challenge for me as it was obvious she had superior artistic skills. But, she made the class easy to teach because she is anxious to expand her skills. I just had to find the balance between keeping it pure Bob Ross and letting her apply her talent to the painting. The end result was…. she really ended up with a nice painting and I ended up with a new friend.

Below you will find some short video clips of her painting followed by the class photo’s. But first I want to refer you to Lindsey’s web site. I think you will find it really interesting. http://www.flamgu.com will get you there. Better yet, check her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lindsey.orrin

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One thought on “Lindsey Orrin tries wet on wet

  1. Pat! This was a joyful experience I will never forget 😀 Thank you So much for teaching me the wet on wet method! I am so inspired to do lots.. maybe I will spend a year making one of these paintings everyday with my left hand..!

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