July 7, 2019

This morning at 10 am was the kickoff of a 5 day Joy of Painting workshop and also a day that Jayden has been looking forward to for more than a month. This is some pretty intense training for a young man who has just turned 12. We begin each morning working on a practice canvas, working on specific skills that are integral to painting like Bob. This morning we concentrated on three elements… Clouds (using the 1/2 Round, the small and large fan brushes and the 1″ brush). Next came putting snow on the mountains and the last element was pine trees. Jayden has been working hard at home on these techniques but still needed some fine tuning. He made excellent progress.  The first series of pictures are of the morning session. I took video as well, but something happened and it did not record properly. Then comes the afternoon session where we did a painting concentrating on each of those elements.

Jayden did really well and for certain, his technique was much improved at the end of the day. Lets have a look:   (Oh yes… check out the shirt and socks)

To view day # 2  Click Here       

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