April 21, 2018

It is a wonderful thing when parents recognize that their children have a burning desire and a skill that can be developed and then support and encourage that passion. Adalynn was in the studio just a few days ago to do her first painting. She returned today and her 6 1/2 year brain retained so much of what we covered the first session. If you know this young lady then you will understand my enthusiasm regarding young Addy. She is a pistol and definitely displays early skills. I had to chuckle a bit today. While I was standing over her shoulder giving her guidance she suggested that I had better get back to my painting and catch up. True story!.. She did and I did..

This class lasted just over an hour. Time well spent.

Congratulations Miss Zaldivar on another successful painting experience.

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One thought on “Zaldivar, Adalynn #2

  1. She sure loves her time spent painting with you! She is a little bossy one that is for sure.

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