March 27, 2018

Hannah Bulkley and her younger sister Preslee made their first trip to the Brush Stroke Studio this afternoon. It was to be the first painting they had ever done and while there was excitement on their face, in the eyes I could detect a bit of doubt. And, Preslee said right out that she was not going to be able to do this. Not an uncommon thing when anyone takes their first class. Adults might be even more unsure than my young students.

Hannah is 11 and Preslee 8. This is the perfect time to start your children on this technique. They are attentive, eager and have so much fun. They go from being cautiously skeptical to wanting another lesson and that is only half way through the lesson.

This session was about 90 minutes long. Have a look at the results.

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One thought on “The Bulkley Sisters

  1. This was SO fun! Thanks so much for offering such a fun worthwhile thing to do! I loved each of their creativity and how proud they both were of their paintings. Thank you! Thank you!

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