February 18, 2018

It is seldom that I have students who are not aware in some way with Bob Ross. Many have seen the Joy of Painting programs but only twice have I had new students come to class wearing Bob Ross socks. Today was one of those times.

Not too long ago I had a phone call from Candace Slagowski inquiring about classes. She had stumbled into a mention of me on the web and she was so excited to learn that I am an active Ross instructor. Not because she was an enthusiast, but her daughter, Anika, loves to watch his programs. Mom set up a class that day and today they arrived with anticipation written all over their faces. Anika was sure she was going to do great but Candace was not so confident. I assured her that both would do well. They liked the painting I had picked for the class and we decided that they would do it using different color schemes.

Anika’s painting turned out just like she was sure it would… EXCELLENT. And Mom proved that even skeptics can do just as well. They left here with their paintings already in the frames and with huge smiles on their faces.. I am betting they will be back in the not too distant future.

I love to show off my students work, so lets get to that right now!

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