June 25, 2018

My young friend, Tyson Bucher has been taking some workshop classes. This is a test program to determine if at age 6 (well, almost 7) a program like this will work. And so far I have to say it is a work in progress.

In any case, you will see some practice painting that he has been doing in the first few pictures. After each of these sessions the practice canvas is cleaned and used again in the next session. He was a little bored with just practicing so today we applied some of what we have been working on in a really large presentation. We had no example to work from, so this is just out of our heads. We felt it was worthy of a frame and I am sure it will look great on his wall.  Let’s have a look at some of the practice pictures first:

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Now we can take a look at today’s class paintings:

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