March 11, 2019

Today, like many of the where I get to teach was filled with a breath of fresh air. Hadlee Zuercher arrived for her first Joy of Painting class and I was pretty sure from the beginning that she would do well. I could sense that she was a confident young lady and certainly she has a great personality.

Our class began like all first time students with an orientation of what tools and paints we would be using, how to clean the brushes and assurances that there was little that could be done on the canvas that could not be changed. Most important, my students need to understand that we don’t make mistakes. We only have happy accidents.

From the very beginning Hadlee was attentive and able to perform the strokes just as I demonstrated them. She was however, pretty cautious at the beginning and that led to the class running a bit long. Did I care? Nope, not one bit!  The most important thing for me is that the student has fun and does not feel pressured.  By the end of the session she had gained confidence and speed and the results of her first class were excellent, as you will see.

Below there is a short video showing her performing some of the strokes and then there are all of the pictures I took during the class.  Enjoy!

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