January 3, 2013

It gives me such great pleasure to introduce The Joy of Painting to new individuals and when they are young, the personal reward is even greater.

This young man is only 12 and loves art. He is very accomplished with a pencil and draws a lot. He tells me that he did a little water color painting at one time, but this was really his first experience painting. The painting we began with is not simple by any stretch of the imagination. When Adam looked at the sample I think he swallowed hard a time or two, thinking it might be something beyond his ability. As you will see, it was not!

We took almost four hours to complete the class and he was tired, and his back was hurting from the time and a bit of stress, but he proved to be an excellent student. I love these private sessions, much more than I ever did the group classes. It allows me to spend more time working on individual elements and I am certain the student goes home with greater knowledge.

Lets have a look a the pictures taken during the class:

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