March 14, 2019

The beginning of this year has been a blessing for me in that I have had so many excellent young people schedule painting classes. Today Bentley Covington, who is 9 years of age, took her first Joy of Painting Class. Bentley has painting at home for a very long time, but has never tried oils.

She proved to be an excellent student. For me, that means that she paid careful attention to the instructions given, watched how the brush was loaded for each different application and then how the brush touched the canvas. That of course is how the magic happens. Having drawing skills is certainly a positive, but not really required to be an excellent artist.

The class lasted about 90 minutes. Her mother, Brook, sat in the “time out corner” and offered so much positive support. I would not be surprised to see them take a mother/daughter class before too long.

Below you will see a short video featuring Bentley as she applied a number of the strokes she learned and that is followed by the class photo’s. Enjoy!

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