Below you will find pictures of the paintings that Wanda completed and that we have been selling. I cannot promise you that each of these is still available, but if you are interested in a specific one, please send me a copy of the picture and we can discuss the price and delivery arrangements.

To move the picture from this file to your computer, left click on the thumbnail and it will enlarge. Then right click on the enlarged image and select from the drop down menu. I suggest that you save it to your computer and then you can just attach the image with you e-mail to me.

Send inquiries to :

16 x 20 Unframed

16 x 20 Ovals

16 x 20 Framed

12 x 24 Unframed

12 x 24 Framed

12 x 16 Unframed

12 x 16 Framed

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