In this section I want to share information about other instructors, related businesses, galleries, vendors and maybe some interesting people. Hopefully you will be able to explore many related types of art. If there is a web site available, I will  highlight the name.
  • Bob Ross   The official site for Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting®.
  •  Quality Art We purchase some of our canvas, frames, Joy of Painting® supplies and related items from these fine folks.This is a family run business and may be the largest independent provider of Bob Ross supplies in the country. Excellent service from dedicated people.
  • Twin Falls Center for the Arts Whether you are an artist, or just one who appreciates art, the Twin Falls Center for the Arts should be high on your list of places to visit or join. They have a wonderful gallery of art, coordinate various classes and art competitions and, they are just nice people. Wanda and I are proud to be members.
  • Forest Shaw Pyrography… A new word to me but an old skill once called woodburning. I want you to visit the Facebook page of a man that does a beautiful job of it. So good that he sells pieces all over the US. I am especially proud of him as he is my nephew, Forrest Shaw.. See his work at
  • Rachel Christopolus is a former student who has blossomed into a very talented artist. She took classes from me as a teenager while visiting her grandparents in Arizona. Now she is all grown up and doing well. You can see her work at this website.
  • Grant Taylor:  is an artist, photographer and videographer in Santa Fe, NM. He recently spent time in my studio shooting a video that will be posted to this site and to U-Tube…  Check our his web site at

There are some very talented artists that teach the “Bob Ross Method” and here you will find some of there web sites. They are listed them alphabecically.   I will conntinue to add to this list.

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