March 31, 2019

It would appear that another of my young students have found a passion to follow. Hanna Harr who is 11 first came for a Joy of Painting class using one of two gift certificates given to her by her grandparents. Today, accompanied by her mon, Hanna used the second one to prove that the first painting was no fluke.

I classify this young lady as one who will go far as she is such an attentive student. Always watching carefully how to load the brushes and willing to let me show her how the brush touches the canvas to make painting magic. Mom sat quietly but pretty much in awe as the art piece developed and by the end of the session we were talking about setting up a regular schedule for future classes. This is happening more and more so I am alerting my other students that they may want to begin reserving class times further into the future.  I try to not schedule more than one class a day, but the demand suggests that I might have to rethink that a bit.l

Anyway, please have a look at Hanna’s class video and pictures. Well done young lady!

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