June 5, 2018

It has been just about a year now since I met Autumn and her family. We were painting in the front yard and the family came by to watch. Autumn tells me that when they went home her Dad had all of the family watch episodes of The Joy of Painting.. Since then, I have taught all but the parents one or more classes. Maybe I can get them interested in a date night class…

This is such a nice family. They are always willing to help their neighbors and when I asked if one of them would be interested in trading a class for a weeks mowing while I was away, Autumn volunteered. So, today I paid my debt. I have to tell you, this girl is an excellent student. There is no question that in a short time, with lessons, she could be painting excellent works without my assistance.

So, I say thank you to Autumn for doing my mowing and for being my student. It is a joy for me to have you as a friend and student.

One more thing… Autumn is only 14… I have the most amazing students…

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