May 1, 2018

This first day of May was so rewarding and the reason for that comes in a very small but very dynamic package. Back for her third class, Adalynn (Addy) was simply amazing!. She has such good recall of what we worked on the prior two classes which allows us to concentrate on new techniques. While she may be only 6 1/2 years of age, she has an hours worth of real focus and really surprises me as to how well she takes my demonstration of loading the brushes and the correct way to touch them to the canvas, to her canvas. Both her mother and I shook our heads a bit at how easily and how well she applied all she learned to today’s painting. It is apparent that she is going to challenge me to develop new paintings that she can do in a one hour session. I look forward to the challenge… Let’s look at the pictures I took during class.

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One thought on “Adalynn Zaldivar’s 3rd painting

  1. She loved doing the mountains tonight. She said it reminds her of her grandparents house in preston! Once again she cant wait until her next painting!

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