July 23, 2019

Any day that I can teach is special! Today was EXTRA special! About 24 years ago, just after I started teaching I had a dad bring his 10 year old son to see if I would let him paint. I said no as at that time my minimum age was 12. I did not feel youth younger than that could stay focused for a 4 hour adult class. Well, dad kept after me and finally I agreed to give JT Ker a try.  Long story short, Dad was right and I was able to teach a fine young man the Joy of Painting. JT took a lot of classes from me and really excelled.

Now, many years later JT introduced me to his wife, Amanda Ker who was here to take her very first painting lesson. It was such a great compliment and Amanda did extremely well. In a private class session one can do so much more individual instruction on the various techniques. Today we paid special attention to putting snow on mountains and painting happy little trees. I will let you be the judge as to how well she did.

As for JT, well, I guess an instructor can have no better compliment than when the student out paints the teacher. Below you will see a short video and a number of pictures of the session.  Enjoy.

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