February 26, 2018

Kadee returned to the studio this afternoon wearing a large smile and full of energy. Students like this get me all enthused and sometimes I blame that for the things I forget. Today, I forgot to take many pictures of the session. That upsets me but the quality of her class more than makes up for it.

Today we began with an example and normally when the class is finished our paintings resemble it more, than less. Early on in the experience we talked about possibilities, made some changes, added some stuff, took out a couple of things and when we were done. GAZOWIE, we had a new painting for me to teach my younger students. For that reason, I am titling this painting “Kadee’s Sunset”.

It is is one that you younger students would like to paint, let me know… And if the adults, who have more elements in their classes, want to do something similar, we can accommodate that. After all, it’s our world and we can make it about any way we want.

Lets have a look at the few photo’s I did get.

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