Jayda and her younger brother Grady arrived their first ever painting class, accompanied by their mother Kali. I am very comfortable with parents watching the classes but have limited room so restrict it to no more than one at a time.

Grady is 6 and Jayda about two years his senior. The painting we did is one that I often use to introduce first time youth to the Joy of Painting. It is an excellent example on how paints blend, how to mix paint and it still requires some specific brush loading techniques. Both of today’s students were a little hesitant at the beginning but within 15 minutes or so had settled in and were having a relaxed good time. Their paintings turned out pretty darned good too, don’t you think?

Lets have a look:

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2 thoughts on “Merkley, Jayda & Grady

  1. This really is the “joy” of painting – seeing these young artists learning techniques that will last a lifetime – creating an appreciation for art of all types.

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