July 12, 2019

I sit here ready to post pictures and expound on Jaydens fifth day of workshop but cannot find the images. I have located the images. Strange things are happening with the acquisition of a new to me camera….

So, below you will find a short video and the pictures of the class session. There was no morning practice session.

The workshop was a complete success. Jayden was an excellent student and made huge strides in his technique. I still need to get him to slow down and think about what he wants to accomplish and I want him to paint at a slower pace. The results will be much better.

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The workshop fee included this frame for the last painting. In total Jayden had about 8 hours of pretty intense practice and 13 hours of class paint time. Below are the paintings that he completed in the five days.

I am very proud of these paintings and I know that Jayden is too.

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