The following outlines the guidelines and costs for the classes that I teach.
(Effective August 2022)

  • All classes are private and by appointment.
  • I can be available to teach 7 days a week with morning, afternoon or evening start times.
  • There can be no more than one student in any class.
  • I provide the use of paints, brushes and an apron.
  • Student provides their own canvas. (Normally 12 x 16)
  • Student will complete a painting in each session and is expected to take it home with them.
  • Classes can be paid for in cash, a personal check or a credit card
  • Each student signs a release or has one signed for them, allowing me to post their class pictures on the web site, social media and in any advertising mediums.


The age guideline to take a youth class is 6 and depending on the skill level and maturity of the student ends at age 12. A youth session should last about one hour but can run a little longer. I never send a student home until we have satisfactorily completed the painting. My studio is small, but I encourage one parent to come and watch their child paint.

The cost for a youth class is $35.00


Normally at age 12, students are enrolled in adult sessions. In some instances, I will allow a child over 12 to take one youth class in order to evaluate their skill and determine that they are capable of completing adult sessions. These classes can last up to four hours but, depending on the painting and the student’s skill level, can take a bit longer. Again, we complete a painting in each session that the student will take home with them.

Cost of an adult class is $60.00


For information about youth and adult workshops please CLICK HERE.


Will my child paint the same picture each time?  No. I start them with a pretty basic painting that shows them how to blend paint on the canvas, mix paint on the pallet, clean brushes, etc. Each session I use what they already experienced but try to add new elements each time.  I want them to have fun and succeed while at the same time, learn painting techniques.

Do I have to stay and watch my child paint?  No..  But I encourage one parent to stay with younger children for a lesson or two. If you don’t stay with them, I will have them call you at the end of class, or early enough that you can watch them complete the painting.

Can my child bring someone to paint with them?  Only if that person is the one who is designated to “stay and watch”. See previous FAC

Do I have to sign up for a series of classes?  No.

My spouse and I would like to have a date night and bring an adult beverage.Will that be OK?  One partner can come to watch but there is only space for one to paint. And yes, if you want an adult beverage it is OK IN MODERATION

Can I buy a gift certificate? Yes you can and I personalize them to the occasion. Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.

Can I redeem a gift certificate for cash?  No but you can transfer it to another party.

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