September 3, 2018

Some days back, my student Adam Bowman made arrangements for his daughter, Ayda, who had taken some beginning classes with me, to enroll in a private workshop, designed to develop the basic skills used in the Joy of Painting technique.  We had five classes. Day one we worked on clouds and putting snow on the mountains. Day two focused on making “happy little trees”, tappy grass and using a double loading technique to make rocks. The third session was one for review and we build a big old oak tree, concentrating on work with the script liner brush. Lakes, streams waterfalls and water lines took all of our time on day four and the last practice day dealt with working with the pallet knife (rocks and a cabin).  Each day she would clean her practice canvas for use the following session.

August 30th was graduation day. I had sent home a book of potential paintings for her to choose from but there was not one she could decide on so…. She designed her own which she painted with a little direction from me. Most of this she is on her own. Her final painting is on a 16 x 20 canvas.

Below are pictures from each of the first 5 practice days and then I have included most of the pictures showing how her final painting developed. Ayda is and should be very proud of her progress and this painting. I am very proud of her.

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