Tyson had the chance to paint with Pat again! It’s always a memorable experience for him. This time he proudly sent me away to have his special time with his friend. Pat offers so much more than just the skill of painting.  He’s become a true mentor and friend to Tyson and our family. If I searched the world round for a way to boost Tyson’s confidence I’m doubtful I’d find anything more positive than an hour or two with Pat, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s right around the corner! We’ll be back for another class soon!

Andrea Bucher’s Testimonial

Curt Blount

12:32 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Pat,  Move over Bob Ross!!!!!!!   Your video is great.  I think it will be good to use as a reminder to what you have  taught.  Again it is very well done.

Curt Blount

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