March 18, 2018

I have been so impressed with the progress that Adrian has made these past weeks. Today, in a way, she took her final exam. Instead of watching me paint a segment and then copy my actions, I had her paint on her own, using the techniques we have covered in class. I still acted as director (of course) but other than my making some suggestions, this is her work. I think that you will agree that she has learned very well.

I had prepared a canvas by applying black gesso but she took it from there. She applied the liquid clear and then covered the entire canvas with Pthaloe Green. Then a light brushing of white to lighten the sky. I am attaching a bit of video showing how she did the northern lights and some of her putting snow on the mountains. The other photo’s  show the painting in progress, right up to taking the final pictures and finally with the painting framed. It is so professional and I am so proud.

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And here is a quick video showing her working on the Northern Lights and the mountain snow.


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