June 8, 2019

Today Jayden stepped up to the plate and hit one out of the park. This is not by accident, in fact this young man paints a lot!. He has frequent classes but spends all his extra time practicing at home. That practice time has paid dividends.

I told him today that he is advancing into my adult class section which means he paints on larger canvases and the paintings will have more detail. I expect to see continued improvement.

This July I will again have a booth at Art in the Park. Of course there will be paintings for sale and I may do a demonstration painting or two BUT…. I am asking any of my students who want to come and paint to do so. So you will be able to see many of the Joy of Painting painters in action. I hope you will come and watch. They are so much fun and really have a lot of talent.

Now, lets look at the short video and the the pictures from class.

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