April 22, 2018

I began this new week with another new student. This is Jasper Hofland from over at Filer. He is 11 and his mother learned of my classes on Facebook. Art has been an interest of Jasper’s for a long time. I think his grandmother may have painted using this technique and several in his family draw. Drawing has been Jasper’s artistic endeavor up to this point. He likes to draw birds, deer and elk. And while he has experienced painting in school, this was his first real painting class.

I usually start my youth students with this painting as it introduces them to several aspects of the Ross Technique. There is an introduction to the tools and paints we use and the concept of “wet on wet” oil painting. They learn how to blend paint on the canvas, find that we don’t make mistakes and relax knowing we can fix our happy accidents. For a one hour introductory experience it is pretty complete and Jasper proved to be a very good student.

I feel pretty sure he will be back for additional classes. Let’s have a look as some photo’s from today’s session:

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