Being selected as Student of the Month means more than being recognized for just 30 days. It is a recognition that should stay with one for the rest of their days. Or, at least for the length of time that I am able to maintain these postings. Keeping that in mind, here we will list those individuals with a link to the class that earned them that recognition.


September:     Autumn A.

October:           Kathy Hanson

November:      Dustin Tanner

December:      Adrian Salas


January:           Tyson Bucher

February:        Anika Slagowski

March:             Hanna Bulkley

April:                Kadee H.

May:                  Iliana & Adalynn Zaldivar

June:                 Ayda Bowman

July:                  Dana Leiu

August:             Roper Haines

September:     Ayda Bowman

October:           Janet Milligan

November:      Kathy Hanson

December:       Andrea Bucher & Jana Petersen


January:           Adam Hompland

February:        Jayden Hempelman

March:             Hanna Harr

April:                Hadlee Zuercher

May:                  Clair Hardesty

June:                  Jake Stone


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