August 17th, 2019

Meet Jay Horner and Ciara Petersen who today enjoyed their first Joy of Painting experience. In fact, this is their first painting class and I have to brag on them just a bit. For starters, they picked the most difficult of the paintings offered to them and as we worked through the various steps, they proved to be quick learners and excellent students. A good amount of time was spent working on a practice canvas, concentrating on the proper way to put snow on the mountains. I think it must have been at least one half of an hour but that practice time really made a difference and that will be obvious as you watch the videos and see the results.

These two are a handsome couple and were a joy to have in the studio. I do hope that next time both are in Twin Falls, they set aside time for another class. Lets have a look at today’s pictures.

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