December 4, 2018

Every day in these workshops, students work on new skills. Today Andrea and Jana concentrated on foliage. Specifically, trees, bushes and the hardest of all, tree limbs. There is a lot to learn and while they may not realize it, they are making excellent progress.. The first pictures below are of the work session. We began by reviewing clouds, added a new style of mountain, some distant trees, reflections in the water, a water line and then bushes in front of the lake.  This took about 30 minutes and as you can see, at that point they had a nice painting. Yes, it was only the corner of a canvas, but they could just as easily have painting this on a large canvas in about 30 minutes…

After completing all of the practice portion of the workshop, they began today’s painting. We spent a bit longer than that allotted, but I am happy to do that as I want my students to go home with a painting they are happy with. As you will see, the results were excellent! I am so proud of these two ladies.

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