May 9, 2018

My list of students continues to grow. This evening I met Miss Sara Cutler (age 10) who was anxious to try some oil painting. She draws some and I look forward to seeing some of her work but her school does not offer art classes, so this was her first experience painting.

Sara did an outstanding job in class.. If you have read accounts of my classes you know how I stress the importance of watching how the brush is loaded and then how it touches the canvas. Lots do it well but none any better than this young lady. She has a natural aptitude and if she wants to work at this a bit, she can become a very good oil painter. You will see a photo below where she is working at my easel on my painting. This is something that happens a lot in my classes. I like for them to hold the brush with me to get the feel of the stroke and then to practice that on my example before going back to their own. This, I think, is one reason my students do so well.

Lets have a look at the class photo’s.

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