December 27th, 2017

You might remember Autumn A. who took her first class this past September and was  also picked as the student of the month. Well, for Christmas, she received one of the many gift certificates that were purchased this December. And, she did not delay in cashing it in.

Autumn had looked at the website some time back and had decided that the painting we did today was her preference. Mom had clued me in and I like it when students pick out something that they want to paint. I think for Autumn, it was the fall colors that she was attracted to.

Class began at 10 am and about noon we took a lunch break. She lives nearby so walked home for a turkey sandwich. It was not quite 1:00 when we resumed the class and by 3:00 had the classroom pretty well cleaned up.

Autumn loves art and does not limit herself to just this style. She received some watercolors for Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing samples of her work as it is completed. It is wonderful that she has such a passion and quite candidly, she is a very good student. Hopefully we will be able to continue her classes in here at the Brush Stroke Studio..

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