February 14, 2018

My young friend, Tyson Bucher arrived for class with a valentine in hand for both Wanda and I. He knows how to please his teacher. Remember, Tyson is 6 and this is just his third class. Today he was so excited because it was the first time he was going to paint on a full 12 x 16 canvas.. His previous lessons have had smaller painting surfaces because I put a border on them. I often do this so the finished paintings will be easier to carry home without getting a finger in the wet paint.

There were new techniques in this class and some required pretty good motor skills. I was suffering from some shakes (something that happens with too much frequency) and at age six, it is sometimes a challenge to put the brush in exactly the right spot. Together we worked our way through it and he was really pleased with his finished painting. And he should be. Lets take a look at his class:

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One thought on “Tyson Bucher’s Third

  1. Love this beautiful painting, and my handsome grandson. Thanks, Pat for the positive way to mentor him and others. You are a blessing to their family!

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