December 5, 2017

This morning Curt drove here from Meridian for a painting class. Actually, this was more of a workshop as we spent just over 2 1/2 hours extra working on his skills. Today we focused on making clouds, both with the Fan Brush and then with a Half Round. He and I built a lot of clouds before he discovered the correct load and touch combination. Once it did, as you will see, making a canvas full was a snap. His second concern was putting snow on the mountains. This can be one of the most difficult techniques. Getting the load on the knife just right and then finding the proper combination of touch and direction as the knife slides down the mountain takes time, but the time today was well spent. The last thing on today’s to do list was to help him find the right combination to paint fir trees. Again, it is more a matter of loading the brush properly and remembering not to draw them. We worked on this until lunch break and again after he returned.

So, practice is necessary and doing a painting is the fun part. Today we did not have an example to work from. We made decisions on the fly as to color and content. This class took a few minutes less than normal because of the time spent practicing. I think you will agree that his results were worth the extra practice time.

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