November 24, 2018

Today was really special for this teacher. Denise Tedder was a very cute little girl in our neighborhood when I first met her. Now she had grown children and I just wonder where the time has gone.

In any case, today she took her first Joy of Painting class and took to it with ease. That is not to say that she was not a little tense, but she really was a quick study. We began the session with her practicing how to use the knife when putting snow on the mountain. We also worked on making pine trees. Those are two of the more difficult things to get the hang of in this technique. Once I felt she had a good feel for those strokes, we started on the subject for the day.  The practice proved to be a good idea as she had little trouble in creating a really nice first painting. Makes me so proud to be her instructor. I look forward to watching her gain skills in the sessions to come.

Now it is time to post the photo’s from this class. I apologize the poor quality of the first half of these images. Apparently the camera was not firmly on the correct setting and did not focus as it usually does.

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