March 30, 2019

It is a good day.. for many things and it began at 9 this morning with Jayden Henkelman coming for his 6th Joy of Painting Class. He is making such good progress and has been painting a lot at home.

Today we spent almost 1/3 of his class time at my practice canvas learning the basics of putting snow on the mountain and the making of pine trees. Both take a lot of practice and can be frustrating. It is interesting to watch as people undertake learning these strokes. They can struggle for a long time and then out of the blue, the correct stroke comes to them and “they have it”. Jayden still has work to do but it will come.

Then we began a pretty ambitions painting with the understanding that we would go as far as time allowed. We did not get all of it done, but finished it in such a way that it made a piece that one would be proud to hang.

Most of today’s visual presentation will be shown on video. Lets look:

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