April 14, 2019

I have had a slow last few days and that is a good thing as some type of flu bug has been nipping at my heels… I feel better today and had a really good session with Jayden. He is proving to be an excellent student. So attentive, retains things well and is always open to suggestions and correction.

I had promised that we would do a moonscape painting but changed my mind, opting instead for a seascape. No problem. He was all in for that.  This class ran about 90 minutes and as is becoming the norm, he did well.

Enjoy the short video showing him in action and his class photo’s as well.

Remember, Jayden has a painting entered in the Art and Soul Competition. All of the youth paintings are displayed at the Magic Valley Mall.  Register to vote at the Magic Valley Arts Council and then, please, go help pick the best paintings.

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One thought on “Jayden Henkelman’s Seascape

  1. We love Pat! Every session he challenges Jayden to stretch his talents just a little further. Jayden is always so inspired after class, ready to go home and try the new techniques on his own. Pat is an amazing teacher! Jayden can’t wait until his next session.

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