March 18, 2019

Elinor Lee is a couple months shy of age 7. and while she might be small in stature, she has a huge personality and proved to be an excellent student. You might remember that her two older sisters took their first class a week or so back. Elinor arrived today ready to show them that she could produce an equally dynamic painting.

Rachel, her mom stayed for a good portion of the class, but when we were ready to paint the last set of bushes, Elinor whispered in mom’s ear that she could go now until the painting was complete. I can’t remember this ever happening. In any case, Mom sat in the car for the last few minutes and then we called her back for the unveiling.

Just an hour after starting, this young lady was ready to have her final pictures taken with the painting that is about as big as she is.

Below you will find a short (3 minute) video showing her in the various stages of production and that is followed by still pictures of the entire class.

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