January 29, 2017

Hello again… I am back to share the results of what will be my last class for January, 2017. Things are picking up and that is good for me. I need to be busy. Being busy and having fun is a great way to live. Last night I had two new students. A beautiful couple who live just a block or so away. Please greet Teasha and Mark Lewis.  I have known Teasha since she was a baby and now she and Mark have one of their own. You can probably imagine me shaking my head in disbelief. How can it be that everyone around me is growing up or getting older while my mind stays at about a 7th grade level? It is a mystery.

As you can see, the painting we did was the North Forty which I have posted previously. And if you compare their results with mine, or mine with the original example, each is different. It is important to understand that while they will all be similar, none will be exactly like the original. Painting with brushes as large as 2 inches pretty much makes that impossible. For those who have worked at being a traditional artist, the change is a big one. The key is really loading the brush correctly and how you touch the brush to the canvas. It takes some adjustment, but the results can be so rewarding. I really believe that with practice everyone can paint well using the Bob Ross method while that is not true with traditional brush work.

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