September 2019

Over the years a number of paintings have been retained as examples for classes being taught or that I just wanted to keep for myself. It is now time to dispose of a portion of these. They will be displayed and available for purchase at a date soon to be determined. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these, please download a copy of the photo and forward it to me. We can then discuss the price and make arrangements for you to purchase same. You will be responsible for any shipping or packing fees.


While I will be selling new paintings, all of the those shown below have been sold (a few were donated to charities). Please take a minute to look at the paintings previously featured. If you want to paint something similar to one shown, we can work that out.

To enlarge the image, simply left click on the thumbnail.  To save that image to your computer, or to copy it, right click on the enlarged image and make a selection from the drop down menu.

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Below are images of these paintings listed by size. (Note: some images may be duplicated)

16 x 20 canvas

12 x 24 canvas

16 x 20 canvas

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