April 13, 2018

When I answered the door this evening to admit young Adalynn, I was met with a very confident and very large smile and I was pretty sure at that moment that this was going to be a very positive paint experience. That feeling proved to be very accurate. She was anxious to get the class started and was reluctant even to give mom time to complete the permission slip that allows me to post their results.

Sometimes this eagerness to get started can be an indicator that the student might not be willing to pay close attention to the instructions as we move through a class. Not so tonight. Adalynn was very attentive and that paid positive results.

We put mom in the time out corner and my young (6 1/2 yr old) charge proceeded to spend the next hour painting her first masterpiece. I am so proud of how well she did and her smile will attest to her feelings about the results.  Let’s have a look!

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