The most frequent questions asked by interested students are:

  • What do lessons cost?
  • How old must children be to paint with you?
  • How do I schedule a class?

I hope this page will help to answer these and more.


I am sorry to report that Wanda passed away on April 21, 2019.  Her passing leaft a huge hole in my heart. She was a wonderful wife, mother and citizen. She had a passion for painting flowers. I hope you will take some time to look at her gallery. Most of her paintings have been sold but don’t be afraid to ask. I can think of no better way to honor her that for her work to grace the walls of many homes.


I am certified to teach both landscapes and seascapes and I conduct both adult and youth classes.

  •  YOUTH

Normally children should be 6 or 7 before I will teach them, but it really depends on the individual and their level of maturity. If they can stay focused for an hour or more and have good eye/hand coordination then I may make exceptions and take one 5.  Again, depending on age, these classes run from one to two hours. They cost $30.00 per student and we usually paint on 8 x 10  or 12 x 16 canvas. The fee includes the canvas, paints, use of brushes and the child goes home with a completed painting.


Adult classes normally are restricted to individuals 12 and up, but I have made some exceptions, again depending on the maturity of the child. Here we normally paint on larger canvases ranging from 12 x 16 and up. Adult sessions last about 4 hours and we provide everything needed to complete the painting. Adult classes cost $55.00 per student.


When parents or adult relatives paint with individuals in the youth category, I allow them to pay only the youth fee. This is to encourage more of these relationships, which I think can make a very positive input into the child’s life.


Individuals who want to accelerate the learning experience should consider scheduling workshops. Here we spend time in the morning working on a provided practice canvas. We work on specific techniques such as putting snow on the mountains,  happy trees, bushes and tappy grass. This technique is really a “load and touch” experience and in the morning sessions we concentrate on these. Then, the practice canvas is cleaned, we take a mid day break after which we return to complete a painting using the techniques we learned.

  • ADULT WORKSHOPS: The morning session lasts 2 hours and the afternoon is 4. The fee for a complete workshop is $400.00.
  • YOUTH WORKSHOPS:  One session per day lasting approximately 2 hours, this time being spent entirely on a practice canvas. There are 5 practice days and then a celebration day where the student completes a 16 x 20 painting that is framed and ready to hang.


Hourly workshops are available for students wanting to practice specific strokes. I will provide a canvas to practice on, brushes and paints. Cost per hour is $20.00

We do carry a good supply of frames that are available for purchase and paintings can be framed immediately following classes. Cost depends on the size and style but are normally about half what you would expect to pay at Art Supply Outlet. And we can order Bob Ross paints, brushes, etc as well as the other items that you might need when painting at home. occasionally we have some used supplies that we will sell at an attractive price.

NOTE:  The canvases provided in the standard class are pre-stretched and on a 3/4″ frame.. Deep side wrap canvas cost a bit more and the price of the class is adjusted accordingly.


Our goal is to help each student improve their skills allowing them take on more advanced paintings. However, to begin with, we recommend sessions that employ basic techniques. To see a list of the paintings that we currently recommend,  CLICK HERE


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