December 11, 2018


Today was the final workshop day for Andrea and Jana. The painting involved a number of items that required extra concentration and we pushed the available time to get the paintings completed.

I started today’s session by having them identify (from the sample painting) all of the colors we would need and what brushes were used when I painted it. In the pictures you will see them completing the test. Then I gave them the option of changing colors and even some of the content. We decided to add a distant mountain. Andrea opted to put one in with the knife while Jana used her filbert brush. Later on, Andrea decided she wanted her’s to be more of a winter theme and I gave her free rein to do so. In fact, I always stress that it is their painting. The can copy what I did or not. I show them the technique and the paint to suit themselves. It is their world.

When we broke for lunch then had just completed putting in the under color for the evergreen trees and there is a picture of each painting at that point.

Both of my students have children that must be tended to after school, so we were pressed to complete each painting in time. We did…. and the results were… well…. you decide for yourselves.

But before that, let me remind you that when this workshop began, Jana had not painted and Andrea was a veteran of only one class. I would venture to say that they learned a lot in just 4 days of practice.  I am very proud of both of them and will miss our sessions.

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