Beautiful Northern Lights

March 18, 2018

Nothing pleases me more than when a student comes to class with a nice smile and leave beaming. I could not be happier. Today Adriana Salas attended her third session. It is not often that I conduct a class as I did this one and I think it surprised her a bit but it all worked out great. She is proving to be such a fine student. Complete disclosure, Miss Salas does some painting on her own but makes me feel very good by saying that I have taught her a great deal. To look at today’s class result:  CLICK HERE

I also had a wonderful surprise this morning when I checked my FaceBook account. Yesterday, while teaching Jonah Hepworth his mother was taking some pictures. Little did I know that she was going to pay be a really fine compliment. Here it is:  CLICK

Thank you so much Brianne. It is so well done…

Looking forward to seeing more of you back in class..

Pat A.


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