Cooling Down

August 28, 2018

It has been a hot summer and I am not just talking about the temperatures. Activity here at Brush Stroke Studio has been smoking hot and I love it that way. My activity with young students has been so rewarding but I suspect that as school begins I will have more time available on weekdays. As you know, I am willing to hold classes on the weekends, both Saturday and Sundays, so if you are wanting to schedule a class then, I suggest that you do it well in advance as those times may be already filled.

With school starting it often means that Moms and Dads have more time by themselves during the week and this will be a good chance for you to experience the Joy of Painting. Let me prove to you that parents can achieve great things at the easel. Bring a friend and enjoy a new experience.

While my studio is limited in seating size, it is just right for time out with that someone special in your life. Why not plan a date night. It can be to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or simply that you enjoy doing new things with friends and family. I can begin adult classes in the early evenings. Most adult sessions last four hours and yes, if you want to bring a bottle of bubbly to share, that is fine with me.

Since my last posting I have taught several new students as well as those returning for additional instruction. I have also near the completion of a Youth Workshop. Ayda Bowman has spent five sessions with me, working on the fundamentals of this technique and is doing so well. During these sessions she works on a practice canvas which is wiped clean in anticipation of the next class. Our next time together will be this Thursday when she will complete a 16 x 20 painting which will be framed. I am anxious to show you those results. For now, here are a few pictures of the different sessions:

Let’s have a look at my most recent classes and begin with a cousin session on the 14th of August. Kaylee Wright and cousin Taylor Gartner shared an experience that will not soon (or maybe ever) be forgotten. Lets look at what these two young ladies did that day.

Classes completed in the past couple of weeks include a first time meeting with Emery Zimmerman. Emery recently turned 6 and was so excited to take a painting class. Here is why:

The day following Emery being here Leah Francom returned with her father Michael and they had the very best time with a father/daughter session. Dad is a huge Bob Ross fan and learned that the results can be great but not quite as easy as it looks on TV.. Fact is, the technique is easy to learn and the results can be really good…

That same day, (August 17) I had met with Roper Haines who took the introductory youth class and she did so well. So well that they scheduled a second session for the 21st and here are pictures of both meetings:

On August 24th Ellery Rowlands proved once again that these young kids can paint. If I remember correctly, Ellery is just 10. She drives past my home daily to attend school down the street and I am hoping that on occasion she will have an opportunity to stop after classes to say hello and to take another class. She has lots of potential.

So, as I said, it has been busy here. I am looking forward to a few days off. We will be heading back to Wyoming with a group of “my kids”. Some will be on bikes and there will be two cars. That will be fun. I love young people and will have some photo’s for you when I return. Or, you can check my face book pages for daily photo updates.

Last Saturday I took advantage of time created when a returning student had to cancel class owing to illness. I have had a painting floating around in my hear for the past couple of weeks and wanted to see it on canvas. So, I first painted a 5 x 7 trial painting to see if the approach and colors would work.

Fire on the Horizon

I then made some mental corrections and did it again on a 18” x 24” canvas which I then framed for hanging. It is for sale, but may spend time on my wall. I call it “Night Fire”. Hope you like it.

Night Fire

Don’t forget.. Gift Certificates are good for almost any occasion. I can personalize them to your needs…   Hope to see each of you soon.

Pat Alsup  CRI®

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