The Pace Is Slower Now

It is a chilly, wet October evening as I prepare this addition to my blog. I guess that summer is over and Fall has made its appearance. As I look at my calendar I can tell that school is once again occupying my young students’ time but that is OK. I can use a bit of a break.

September was a very busy month filled with a mixture of new and repeat students. I have already told you about the youth workshop that Ayda Bowman completed in August. I am pleased to report that she is now working on paintings at home. Here is a sample of a recent practice painting that she did. It is her own composition and is well done.

Ayda Practice Piece

I will show you the two classes she has taken since completing the workshop but first want to announce that she is my choice as the Student of the Month for September. This is the second time she has earned this distinction. CONGRATULATIONS AYDA.

2018-09-18 20.47.51


Let’s have a look at the September class happenings.

On Sept 19th Ayda returned to the Brush Stroke Studio with a request to develop a painting with a cabin. Below are the pictures from that session.

Then, of the 22nd she was back and during our time together we did a painting where we made a canvas look like wood grain and then immediately painted on top of that. She did such a good job.

Two days later, I met with Gabe Larsen. Gabe is eleven and his first painting was a bit more advanced than I normally do when working with a first time youth student. He was up to the challenge and I am sure he will be back. Here is Gabe:

On the 28th of August Ellery Rowlands came for her second class. Ellery just had a birthday and instead of the usual birthday presents, she asked for cash which she used to take her second class. That makes me so proud and she will certainly attest that receiving a gift certificate for a class would make a great gift for any youngster.

This past Friday, Janet Milligan returned to the studio for her fourth lesson. Janet is a joy to work with. She has such good skills and is so dedicated to learning all she can about many different styles of painting. This class was devoted to painting trees so we worked on a practice canvas for a couple of hours and then did the painting you see below.

Janet will be back later this month at which time she will learn how to make a 12 x 24 canvas look just like a piece of wood… That will be fun so stay tuned.

It will not be very long before the kids are knocking on doors asking for either a trick or a treat. Keep in mind that your child might like to have a gift certificate for a free class in their pumpkin. This is also a good month to schedule a date night out at the Brush Stroke Studio. Or maybe a Friends Class where you can share an afternoon or evening with your bestie…

Keep your brushes clean!

Pat Alsup  CRI®

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