Give them a chance and they will paint!

March 27, 2018

When I began my career as a Joy of Painting instructor some 22+ years ago, my classes were directed primarily to adults. The minimum age for those classes was twelve as I felt that kids younger than that would find it difficult to stay focused for those four-hour sessions. I did teach some younger students, but mostly on a private basis. Now that we are no longer traveling and teaching only in our small studio which has limited seating, I have expanded my student base and now have a good following of youngsters six and older. These sessions last for up to 90 minutes and have less elements in them. I am now proving to others, including my JOP contemporaries what I have always know. Young kids can paint! 

I am getting busier each week and that is really good. I need to be busy.

Yesterday Jayda and Grady Merkley (sister and brother) had their first experience creating a painting and they certainly proved my point. You can see their class pictures HERE. At the bottom of their page is a section where you can leave comments. I am certain they would like to know how you think they did.

And today’s sister team, Hannah and Preslee Bulkley would also like for you to give them some critique. There page is RIGHT HERE

It is about time for me to get my bones to bed. Tomorrow morning Wanda and I do our weekly volunteering at St. Luke’s Hospital. We enjoy thinking that we are making a positive contribution to the community and also know that it is good for us. Before closing, I want to thank Adriana Salas who prepared a short promotional video for me. She set up her camera at one of her recent lessons and from that MADE THIS.

Stay well and keep your brushes clean…

Pat A.

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