It’s good to be busy

March 23, 2018

I have had a busy week and for me that is very good. Wanda will tell you that I am not so happy when there is little for me to do. Well, you know, I am talking about the fun stuff , not household chores, etc.

Earlier in the week I sent you the pictures of Adriana Salas and her Northern Lights painting. Since then I spend one very long afternoon doing a larger than usual painting which I will soon have for sale. (there are still some final touches to put on it) The canvas size is 32 x 48 and it is a deep side canvas which eliminates the need to purchase a frame in order to hang it. Yes, it will be for sale and you can call or message me for that information. Here is what it looks like now:

20180321 Lake Take Me There 013.JPGOn Thursday morning miss Ellie Speegle enjoyed her first experience at the canvas. She is about 3 months shy of her 6th birthday. That is very young for these classes but she proved to be a very good student. Have a look at this young lady and her masterpiece:

20180322 Ellie Seegle 007 - CopyTo see more of her class pictures CLICK HERE

And today I had two sets of sisters who are cousins with each other for a double session. We began at a little after 2:00 with Arlena Hansen and her cousin Kyna Hoopes painting their first oils. Let me introduce them to you:

KYNA HOOPS                                                 ARLENA HANSEN

Here is a link to their class photo’s:    CLICK HERE

After a quick studio clean up their older sisters joined me for their lesson.

Let’s meet them:

JENNI HOOPS                                             CATALINA HANSEN

All four of these ladies have watched The Joy of Painting and were so anxious to try their hand at oils. Jenni and Catalina proved themselves to be quick studies and their class pictures will prove that true:  CLICK HERE

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one as well. We are now reaching the poing where my class calendar is filling up so if you have a special day in mind for a class, this would be a good time to call.

Happy Painting!

Pat Alsup CRI®



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