January Student of the Month

January 31, 2018

Over they years I have selected a lot of students for this rcognition. Some have been advanced in years and some quite young. This month my votes went to 8 year young Tyson Bucher. (Pronounced Bu-shey) This month Tyson took his second class and I was very impressed with all that he had retained from lesson #1. And, when he looked at the example painting, he immediatly could identify the techniques that we had used in his first session. I explained to him that I like to take some of the strokes learned previously and add an element ot two so they get to practice those and still learn something new.

This is the same principle I use when teaching workshops. They differ in that we set the up for 3 to 5 continuous days and have two sessions each day. In the morning we have a practice canvas that we use to practice elements that will be in the afternoon painting. At break time, the practice canvas is wiped clean so it will be ready for the following morning. Then in the afternoon we paint a complete painting that the student will take home that day. Each subsequent day we follow the same format. Practice new techniques in the morning, clean the practice canvas and then after lunch, apply what we have practiced to a new painting. At the end of 5 days, students return home with all of the knwledge and skills necessary to paint on their own.

It is so much fun and very rewarding the see students gain skills and confidence. Tyson has a class scheduled for February. I will post the results for you to see.

If you want to see Tyson’s class photo’s… CLICK HERE

Tyson Bucher


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